Sub Floor Part 3 – Wheel Wells

326 In this post will will look at one of the most tedious and difficult parts of the build to date: The Wheel Wells. Our trailer came without fenders. We used the 2′ x 4′ leftover pieces from our road guard build to make the pieces and I joined them to wooden framing and sealed with goop and aluminum tape. I also used Medium L Angles every few inches to reinforce the inner edge of the curve. Continue reading


Sub Floor Part One -Setting the Joists.

IMG_3349  In this post we will take a look at the sub floor construction. We designed and built for maximum strength as our house is designed to be lifted off the trailer, if we so choose.  With this in mind, we used a fairly serious amount of heavy hardware to anchor the sub-floor to the Foundation beams. This is a long post, so grab some refreshment and get cozy, or bookmark us and visit often! Continue reading

Floor Plans and Tiny Living

Although we are planning on eventually having other structures to branch our living space out into, our tiny house trailer will be our only living space for anywhere from 1-6 months.  For this reason, we are putting a lot of effort into having it be as useful as possible for our family of five.  “Five?” you say…Well, yes.  We have a 14 year old, an 11 year old, a three year old, and us adult-type peoples.  We also have one dwarf hamster, and DD wants a cat.  I’m not sold on that one yet. Continue reading