Why Tiny



Mommydactyl  here 🙂
I’ve had a lot of people ask me- “Why are you building a tiny house? Why not buy an RV?” I have a few answers for these questions. First, I am a lover of things beautiful and functional. An RV can be quite functional, but the RV’s that fall within our budget are at best unattractive and at worst hideous. And even a sparkling new fancy RV with all the trimmings is still boxy and, shall we say, commercial looking. I have a bit of a gypsy flare to my aesthetic, albeit a clean modern gypsy, and I want the space that I am living in to reflect that.

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Home on Wheels – Inspiration

To Tow, or Not to Tow?
We wanted it all. Mobility, looks, weather resistance, sustainability; the whole package was there, if only we could put it together in the right way for us. We looked at countless of pictures of tiny houses across the web, spanning the globe and even history. Because we desire to live in wild places, we started by looking at roof profiles.  We wanted something that would shed rain and snow easily, and offer an attractive Roof Line. Aesthetics are important to us, and my wife roundly rejected traditional forms with a boxy frames and triangle roofs. I wanted to build the Jawa carrier, but was over-ruled by the wisdom of my Lovely wife, may her smile never fade. We looked at mini-castles and folding walls and Jacuzzi porches, and all sorts of interesting innovation.  In the end it came down to my wife searching through a few hundred pics and saying “That ONE! can you build that?”

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You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Greetings all! This is a V-Blog dedicated to the adventures of our family as we travel on the road to bliss! It is a spin-off of Mama Nandi’s blog, BlissfulMama.wordpress.com, where she posts recipes, reviews, natural living and health information, and muses on life as a Mother, artist, healer, and wannabe Blissful Goddess. This particular site started one abnormally rainy day in August, after realizing we needed help making our dreams a reality. Continue reading