Connections and Links

Welcome to my own little communications hub.  Some of these links may have nothing to do with tiny houses 😉

Zyl Vardos – Tiny House Artisans:
As seen in this post: Inspiration

Ronco Trailers – Building Trailers in the Northern San Diego Area of California:
As seen in this post: The Trailer

AAA Digest of Road Laws: Trailer Dimensions:
As seen in this post: Foundations

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One thought on “Connections and Links

  1. Urgent: Conscious Family looking for land to share or rent/community

    You are looking for raw lands to share or rent/community @

    The company could offer you a 12000 square feet of residential raw lands in 0 Clark cross 0 Perry, Aberdeen to continue your adventure. You are permitted to work on any construction or project on the land. All Utilities available (Water, Sewer, Power, Phone) via the City of Aberdeen, WA. Easy access over paved road approximately North of Meander Way, Aberdeen, WA.

    The property is free and clear. Owner financing is available to meet your needs.

    Please visit our website at: for the location of the Land is approximately located at 0 Clark St, Aberdeen WA; crosses with 0 Perry St, Aberdeen WA. The Lot is a 12000 square feet (0.28 acres). The Lot is permitted to use for Gardening, Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes, RV Parking only. The Lot is near Golf Course, Restaurants, Shopping Centres, Hotel, Church, Hardware Store, Car Shop, Schools, College, Bus Stops, Bank, Hospital, etc.

    The similar Lot (only half the size of the selling Lot) is worth over $33K within one miles radius of neighbourhood.  Our sale price is $16,500.00 per 12000 sqft.

    Please feel free to contact us via text/tel: 1 (201) 429-5633 and/or by e-mail:

    Also, address for the lot on Zillow ad is: 0 Clark St, Aberdeen WA or 0 Perry St, Aberdeen WA.

    Please feel free to visit the property and we will be in touch regarding your offer on the property.  Do you have phone number you could be reached at? Please don’t hesitate to e-mail and/or call us to proceed with the contract.

    Regards, Allan Lin, 5/1/15 Friday.


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