Framing the Walls – MISTAKES

With Help From Paul (left)

With Help From Paul (left)

We stumbled into a whole crop of thorny rough territory here. I made a few mistakes to be sure. A few mistakes in particular cost me time and effort to redo to my satisfaction. I decided to cover those mistakes in detail here on the blog. Horses and water come to mind. I had the information, and made mistakes anyway.  Perhaps if I write about it I won’t make them twice. I invite you to make your own mistakes, but leave me out of it 🙂
The first big mistake I made was dimensional. I made the rafter walls too wide to accept shingles and still be within regulation width. I had cut all the pieces and assembled most of them before I caught on to my mistake. It took 8 full hours of redesign and then cut and splice work to get them all in a suitable profile. I also had to completely rebuild the port and starboard walls to profile, and to get the door opening just the way I wanted. In all it cost me 3 days.
Another mistake I made was not designing in enough support for my wall sheathing. I spent about 8 hours making and installing additional supports. It would have taken about a third or less that time to simply make more pairs of double strength rafters from Go. It would also be stronger. Cutting and and installing these supports after the walls were up was a pain. Additionally I could have designed the cowling supports a bit better and made them part of the initial structure. Again very inefficient to install them after the walls were raised. They are sturdy, but it would have been easier and better to do it first,
The final mistake was easy to correct for. I did’t properly space my supports to receive a full sheet of plywood and had to trim several pieces to fit. It would have saved hours if I had been a bit more astute during that phase.
All in all my mistakes cost about a week’s worth of work and about 50$ in lumber.

Erecting the Walls:
First I erected the Front and Back walls and braced them to the floor. Then I hoisted the ridge poll into place and set the temporary supports up in the middle.  Next I installed the rafter pieces and secured them top and bottom with hurricane braces at the bottom and L-angles at the top.  This was a very labor intensive phase, with alot of standing on ladders and working overhead.
IIMG_4713 IMG_4715 IMG_4709 IMG_4744 IMG_4729
Next we set about Installing Wall bases:
IMG_4523 IMG_4761 wall base2 wall base3 wall base4 wall base5
Above we see the step by step installation of the wall base, continued below below: We pre drilled holes to avoid splitting.
wall base6 wall base8 wall base9 wall base12 IMG_4782 wall base15
Screwing in the wall bases: We used construction glue and 3.5 inch screws to secure the wall bases.
wall base16 wall base17 IMG_4794 IMG_4796 IMG_4801 IMG_4812
Finally I attached some exterternal braces to hold the rafters true and level, and began installing the fireblocks/crossbraces
IMG_4754 IMG_4825 IMG_4738
Coming up next: Wall sheathing!


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