Why Tiny



Mommydactyl  here 🙂
I’ve had a lot of people ask me- “Why are you building a tiny house? Why not buy an RV?” I have a few answers for these questions. First, I am a lover of things beautiful and functional. An RV can be quite functional, but the RV’s that fall within our budget are at best unattractive and at worst hideous. And even a sparkling new fancy RV with all the trimmings is still boxy and, shall we say, commercial looking. I have a bit of a gypsy flare to my aesthetic, albeit a clean modern gypsy, and I want the space that I am living in to reflect that.

Second, RV’s are a chemical haven. While we are using some chemical products in our TIny House, in order to achieve the longest lasting effects possible, we are using a fraction of what is in a standard RV. Newer RV’s will have A LOT of offgassing, and older RV’s are covered (even after days of scrubbing) in someone else’s dirt and may have substandard materials used.
So we decided to take the best of an RV- namely, portability and the use of space/compact storage- and put it to use in our pretty little home.
Another question that I get is- “How are you going to live in such a small space- especially with kids???”
First off, let me say that we are not planning on living full time exclusively in this tiny house. It is really just a starting point on this next big life adventure. But we are planning on living in it temporarily while we move up to a new area, and will most likely live partially in it while we build a slightly larger structure on some land.
That begin said, here are some things that we are doing/considering doing in order to make life bearable for all of us:
1) Giving teenage daughter her own room with a closing door. She is not super keen on the idea of being confined in a tiny space with her two younger brothers, and so we have made this a priority. It will be small (about 5×8 feet), but it will be HERS.
2) Having the bathroom door right by the front door. That way, when the boys (big and little) need to wash up after a hard days’ play, there will be less mud tracked across the floor and less pushing past Mama in the kitchen.
3)Utilizing 2 loft spaces- one will be shorter and for storage, and the other will be a sleeping loft.
4) Storage wherever we can fit it. This will entail bins under the queen bed/couch, shelves along any wall not used by something else, and the aforementioned loft space. We are also planning on either unloading some items into a storage locker or ending up in a space with storage already available.
5) LOTS of time outdoors. This is a big plus for us. We love being in nature, and are actively working on cutting down on our media time, but living where there is almost no nature is very challenging. So we are excited about this one…

And we are always looking for more ways to make this
a fantastic experience, so let us know your ideas!


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