Getting Started With Living the Tiny Dream – The Trailer

Welcome! First post on our blog about our tiny house dreams.
We are a family concerned with alternative living and energy.  We have decided to build a tiny house and move a little more off the grid. With our combined skills and a whole lot of Family team work we are planning to take our family on a Tiny Adventure!!!!
Seriously Tiny House Trailer

What-the-Who is a “Jaecerotops” ?!?:
That’s me. Everyone in our family has a Dinosaur name 🙂
We have MommyDactyl, SissyDactyl, Xandersaurus, Weslociraptor, and so Jason became Jaecerotops. Seemed like a handy name to use here.

What’s Happening in this Post:
As it turns out, we are quite a ways along in our construction.  We would like to blog about everything from start to finish up to date right now, but that is not going to happen. Instead it is my intention to post slowly, as time and family duty allow, and one day soon my posts will catch up to my actual progress.
Until then: lets have a look at how we got started!

Seriously Tiny House Trailer

Getting the Trailer!

What Are We Looking At:
We chose a Ronco trailer. Jarod was easy to work with and has ALWAYS been available to answer questions. We have called them at least 8 times, with must seem like routine or dreary questions for them, and they have been extremely patient and helpful. They also maintained the same level of excellent customer service AFTER we bought our trailer when we called with even more questions. I cannot say enough great things about these guys! We have only towed the trailer once, yet it was smooth and clean riding. All of the welds were of the highest quality. We inspected many trailers at many places but the “Tiny House Trailer” by Ronco was by far the most versatile and displayed a level of craftsmanship and quality far above what I saw at other yards around the county.

Who Are They?
Ronco Trailers
2475 South Santa Fe Avenue, Vista, CA 92083
(760) 599-4808
Jarod handled our sales and answered the phone whenever we called. I believe he is “The Guy” to talk to there.

What You Need To Know:
Ronco trailers told us that California Law requires the owner to be there to sign the documents to take possession of the trailer. I could not find the statute to link to, if anyone know it, please send me a message and I will post it.
You can arrange your own hauler from there if needed.
It is easy to find, close to the freeway.
The Local area is a relatively safe commercial district during the day. At night the wise traveler would be elsewhere if possible. Plan to be well on your way to wherever before 2pm to avoid getting stuck on the messy 78 freeway during the rush, especially on a Friday.


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