Home on Wheels – Inspiration

To Tow, or Not to Tow?
We wanted it all. Mobility, looks, weather resistance, sustainability; the whole package was there, if only we could put it together in the right way for us. We looked at countless of pictures of tiny houses across the web, spanning the globe and even history. Because we desire to live in wild places, we started by looking at roof profiles.  We wanted something that would shed rain and snow easily, and offer an attractive Roof Line. Aesthetics are important to us, and my wife roundly rejected traditional forms with a boxy frames and triangle roofs. I wanted to build the Jawa carrier, but was over-ruled by the wisdom of my Lovely wife, may her smile never fade. We looked at mini-castles and folding walls and Jacuzzi porches, and all sorts of interesting innovation.  In the end it came down to my wife searching through a few hundred pics and saying “That ONE! can you build that?”

“I think so” was my introspective reply “Or one similar but made for us”. What she homed in on was a design that looks a lot like a Nordic Long House and has a lovely curving roof-line with a steep pitch, like a cross section of a boat’s hull, turned upside down.
This Particular house turns out to be a design by a what I consider to be one of the Premier Tiny House Builders on the scene today. His name is Abel Zyl, and his business name is Zyl Vardos. He is, without a doubt, a master of his craft.
While we cannot hope to achieve the artisan level of craftsmanship on the finish work, our modified design will be tough, versatile and last a lifetime! There are many subtle differences in design, but the roof line matches a basic “Fortune Cookie” design enough for me to offer my deepest respects to the designer who made it for us to see on the Web. If I was going buy a tiny house rather then make one, Zyl Vardos is where I would spend my money.  In any case the man and his work are an inspiration!

Who are We Talking About:
Zyl Vardos, Tiny House Master Builder
(I am naming him master builder, not forwarding his claims. Please read his info for yourself)
Olympia, WA, USA.
The design mentioned above is called the Fortune Cookie


2 thoughts on “Home on Wheels – Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the credit. It really warms my heart to know I have built something that has a little more meaning out in the world beyond being an ‘art project’ for myself. Regarding that general shape: it is amazingly strong, and distributes loads well… and it is fun to live in.


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