Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh, It’s Trailer Time!

Well- we took the leap…we bought our tiny house trailer a few days ago. We shopped around a bit- first we went to the local trailer yard and they had an 8×20 with a wooden deck above wheel. The salesman was nice but a bit used-car dealer-ish and they had financing available at a decent rate, which we qualified for, but we wanted to see what else was out there. So we drove an hour away to Ronco Trailers in Vista, CA. The owner was super cool and had dealt with tiny house builders before- in fact, they have a trailer which they market specifically for that purpose! No deck, welded onsite with 16 welded brackets per side. And it was a few hundred less than the other place. No financing, but that’s okay- we sold one of our cars because we need a truck and so were able to buy it outright.

Rolling Foundation

Day One of our Build!

We are set on a rounded peaked house similar to the Zyl Vardos Fortune Cookie. I love the aesthetics of it, it is on the lighter side of tiny house trailers, and it is a more aerodynamic shape.

Here is our inspiration: http://tinyhousetalk.com/fortune-cookie-tiny-house-balcony/

Although we have been planning for this for a couple of months (longer if you count the last year of planning a school bus refurb or even longer if you count dreaming but no active planning…), having the trailer sitting on our driveway and being able to physically move in it and measure it has motivated us to really get our plans in order. Also, we have the next month mostly open for working on it, so we want to do as much as possible in that time.

We have a nice big level driveway to build on and so we have been clearing a work space in Jason’s work area. Home Depot sent us an offer for no-interest financing for 2 years and so we are going in in three days to pick up the majority of our supplies.

We have the subfloor planned out and the floorplan dialed in pretty well. Now we are starting to plan the actual body of the house. We will post details as we go.

Wish us luck!


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