Greetings all! This is a V-Blog dedicated to the adventures of our family as we travel on the road to bliss! It is a spin-off of Mama Nandi’s blog,, where she posts recipes, reviews, natural living and health information, and muses on life as a Mother, artist, healer, and wannabe Blissful Goddess. This particular site started one abnormally rainy day in August, after realizing we needed help making our dreams a reality.


Mama and Son

You see, we have been researching and trying to implement alternative living solutions (Organic gardening, Gray water systems, homeschooling, Acupuncture/Herbs/Yoga/Nutrition, Homesteading, etc.) for years now, and unfortunately have not been in a situation to practice all of what we know and desire to live by. But today(!) we made the decision to take charge of our lives and embark on a journey toward simplicity, wholeness, and blissful living.

We have completed a few steps already- Nandi has finished a Masters’ Program in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and is currently working toward National licensure. She also is a Yoga teacher, Natural chef and Gluten Free Baker, Fiber Artist, Writer, and Crafter. Jason is an amazing Massage Therapist, Computer Technician, and Tinkerer (metal, wood, leather, and paper). We currently homeschool our three children while we caretake one acre outside of San Diego, California. We were very lucky to be living here rent-free while Nandi finished school, but our time is almost up, and we are ready to move back up North, to the land of berries and apples and water!

We have always been interested in alternative structures, including straw bale, cob, flying concrete, and more. But coming out of 8 years of living off of a grad students’ and part time self-employment income, we do not have much in the way of savings. Now that we are done with school and can work more, we are beginning to save again, but would love help in surpassing the goals that we can reach by ourselves.

Our next step is the building of a Gypsy Wagon, aka Tiny House Trailer. We are currently on the lookout for a used truck chassis/trailer bed that we can use as a base. We are also in the beginning stages of collecting other materials needed: hardwood, shingles, insulation, woodstove, older stove/oven combo, countertops and cabinets, plumbing and electrical supplies,…

We are planning on documenting the whole experience on this V-Blog and then turning it into a Mini-Documentary. Our wagon design is inspired by the Fortune Cookie House from Zyl Vardos. But we are do-it-yourselfers through and through and want to do it all ourselves and customize it to our needs.

We are planning on being finished in early to mid-March of 2015, and then beginning our travels up to the Northwest. On the way, we plan on stopping to visit with Organic Farms, Intentional Communities, Festivals, and other interesting events. This will be an attempt to share our vision with others, find others with a similar vision, and to hopefully at some point, find a short to long term home base. Interviews and video footage will be posted as available.

Our message and motto will be not only of simplicity, but of finding the joy in life as much as possible, and doing do proactively.

Another goal for the winter leading up to our travels will be the perfection of our crafts and trades. Nandi wants to perfect gluten free real food baking, beautiful lace knitting, hemp and organic clothing with batik and silkscreen designs, finish at least one in her series of Children’s books about history and alternative living, and get her national license in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Jason wants to perfect welding and begin working on iron forging, make recycled paper and books, and create leather, metal, and wood designs, including moccasins and brass gongs from bullet casings.

We will have enough items in stock to sell via Etsy or on the road as we travel. In addition, we currently run a successful eBay business of recycled fashions that we can take on the road with us.

Other ideas: home-based Gluten Free Food truck, book tour, apprenticing on organic farms…

Then, when we have found a home base and community, we would love to grown our businesses and help to employ others in Ecologically and Ethically-sound business models.
1) A hemp and organic cotton clothing company and Eco-friendly crafting Cooperative. This could allow people wanting out of the rat race to begin working for themselves with less risk than starting their own business.
Made in America. Perhaps even with hemp grown in America… Comfortable, beautiful designs with batik and natural silkscreen. Rompers, Jumpers, dresses, Flowing pants for all ages. Maybe even eventually bringing in goods from women in need around the world.

2) Blissful Kitchen Gluten Free Bakery/Cafe/Deli/Meal Delivery
This business, in particular, could be very fruitful and employ and number of people. We hope to focus on paying a living wage and as many benefits as possible. For sale would be a wide array of soups/stews, salads, entrees/casseroles, fresh sauces and marinades, bone broth, Probiotic drinks and fermented vegetables, GF baked goods (including croissants, donuts, cakes/cupcakes, pies, rolls, etc.)

3) An organic/permaculture Farm and Healing Center
Providing fruits, meat, eggs, dairy, and vegetables to Blissful Kitchen, as a CSA, or as wholesale providers if large enough. The land would include a number of alternative houses, and possibly a small Tiny House Park. We would also love to have a sustainable skills area where people can come learn about alternative living: cooking classes, smithing, farming, alternative building, frugal living, etc.

Eventually, we would love to have everything under the umbrella of a non-profit so that we can reinvest to keep helping people grow in blissful business ventures. Let’s take matters into our own hands people!


You May Say I’m a Dreamer

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